Social Media Content for the 

Louisiana Dairy Board


Understanding the Client Goals

Rockit Science Agency

For nearly 20 years, Rockit Science Agency has specialized in crafting strategic marketing solutions designed to connect brands with their audiences in meaningful ways. The agency’s approach combines traditional advertising methods with digital marketing and experiential branding to ensure that brands break through the fragmented media landscape.

Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board

In early 2023, Rockit Science approached Fireside Films to produce a compelling video recipe series for their client, the Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board. The goal was to promote dairy produced in Louisiana, across various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to a broader audience using everyday recipes. The primary objectives were to:

  • Increase brand recognition and visibility of the Louisiana Dairy Board.
  • Promote Louisiana produced dairy products.
  • Educate consumers about various recipes that include dairy.

Crafting the Creative Concept

Our combined teams kicked off the project with a discovery meeting to discuss the vision, target audience, and key messages. Social media content has changed the way we consume recipe videos. Gone are the days of the 30-60 minute episodes of Martha Stewart standing in the kitchen, explaining ingredients with a step-by-step approach. Today’s content takes a fast-paced approach with quick clips of food going into a bowl, mixed up, and done in a matter of seconds. To keep with the social media norms, Rockit Science asked for four 15-second recipe videos to engage and entice viewers.

With a clear understanding of the client’s vision, our creative team brainstormed ideas and developed a compelling narrative that would resonate with the target audience that aligned with the Dairy Board's brand identity. Our collaborative approach decided to focus on the ingredients in a slightly romanticized way to evoke the senses and make the food look irresistibly delicious, all without overwhelming viewers.

Production Process

Bringing the Vision to Life 

Our location was an outdoor kitchen with plenty of natural light. We used negative fill to control and manage the natural light to capture high-quality visuals. With no verbal audio included, we captured a quick overview of the ingredients needed followed by a more detailed approach to the recipe steps.

In post-production, our editors created rough cuts to shape the narrative flow, incorporating feedback from Rockit Science through regular review sessions. We enhanced the visual elements through color grading and whimsical graphics to suggest a playful and light-hearted theme. For the music, we chose a moderate tempo to create a harmonious balance that makes the cooking process feel both enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing, maintaining a calm and inviting atmosphere.

Overcoming Challenges

Of all the processes that Fireside has had the opportunity to film, food is our favorite. There is something to be said about a slow-motion shot of picking up a slice of pizza with just the right amount of cheese being stretched across the pan. But filming food is not as easy as it looks. Food is not forgiving and quickly loses its visual appeal. Certain foods can wilt, melt, or dry out quickly and often require the skills of a food stylist. To overcome these challenges, our team had to be fast and nimble, paying close attention to lighting and styling.

Our skilled cinematographers worked to ensure that every dish looked its best on camera. This was crucial in maintaining the visual appeal of the food throughout the shoot. We used specialized lighting techniques to highlight the textures and colors of the ingredients. 

Furthermore, our post production department played a vital role in post-production, enhancing the visual elements to ensure the final product was both mouthwatering and visually stunning. By combining the expertise of our entire team, we were able to overcome the inherent challenges of filming in a fast paced environment and deliver a final product that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Conclusion and Takeaways

The final deliverables included a series of videos tailored for Facebook and Instagram, ensuring broad reach and engagement. As video marketers, we were able to work within the new constraints of social media with an alternative approach to overwhelming content to highlight the uses of Louisiana produced dairy products. This project exemplifies the successful collaboration between Fireside Films and Rockit Science Agency. Looking ahead, we anticipate future collaborations with Rockit Science Agency and similar clients. Fireside Films remains committed to creating impactful visual stories that drive results.