About Fireside Films

At Fireside Films, our team is the heart of our boutique production house. We are a diverse group of passionate storytellers, each bringing unique artistic vision and strategic marketing expertise to the table. From directors and cinematographers to writers and editors, our collective talents blend seamlessly to craft purpose-driven visual content that resonates. We thrive on creativity, collaboration, and integrity, fostering an environment where every team member's contribution is valued and celebrated. United by our love for meaningful narratives, we work together to bring our clients' visions to life, creating impactful stories that leave a lasting impression in the marketing and advertising space.

Dan Jones Storyteller Cinematographer Filmmaker Baton Rouge Video Production Fireside Films Louisiana

 Dan Jones

Founder, Storyteller, Cinematographer

Dan has worn many hats in the film industry, from writer, producer, and director to cinematographer, voice over artist, and editor. His fascination with film, storytelling and lighting has driven him to discover more than most about the art of filmmaking. At Fireside Films, Dan uses both light and the written word to shape stories in unique and compelling ways. 

Matthew Coates Director Cinematographer Filmmaker Baton Rouge Video Production Fireside Films Louisiana

Matthew Coates

Director, Cinematographer, Post Production

Matthew is a skilled filmmaker with a decade of experience, specializing in short documentaries, social media content, and commercials. He is also proficient in podcast production, event photography, and branded strategies. Matthew's outgoing nature and diverse skill set make him an invaluable member of the Fireside Films crew. 

Nancy Cristina Producer Cinematographer Filmmaker Baton Rouge Video Production Fireside Films Louisiana

Nancy Cristina


Nancy is a producer whose background includes studio films, prestige television and visual effects. She’s driven by the core values of passion, patience, and persistence in bringing impactful stories to life at Fireside Films.

Chase Garcia Director Cinematographer Filmmaker Baton Rouge Video Production Fireside Films Louisiana

Chase Garcia

Director, Cinematographer, Post Production

 Chase is a self-taught filmmaker and cinematographer who has developed his expertise over the past seven years. He has cultivated a distinctive visual style while working on feature films, short narratives, and music videos that he now brings to Fireside Films, where he continues to create visually engaging content.

Summer Hebah Saleh Filmmaker Marketing Content Producer Fireside Films Baton Rouge Video Production Louisiana

Summer Saleh

Digital Marketing & Content Producer

  Summer combines a background in business and technology with broad experience in the film industry. At Fireside Films, she leverages her expertise in video production, marketing, and storytelling to craft compelling content. With a keen eye for detail and a creative approach, Summer plays a pivotal role in driving the company's marketing initiatives and digital presence.

Demetria Hogan Studio Manager Baton Rouge Fireside Films Video Production Louisiana

Demetria Hogan

Studio Manager

Demetria is Fireside Films' anchor, known for her exceptional customer service and sharp numerical skills. She ensures the smooth operation of Fireside Films with her ability to navigate complex challenges and focus on excellence.

Samantha Smith Filmmaker Post Production Fireside Films Baton Rouge Video Production Louisiana

Samantha Smith

Assistant Editor

Samantha's passion for art brings a creative touch to every project at Fireside. In addition to assisting with editing, Samantha lends her talents to numerous artistic endeavors with the Fireside team. Samantha is dedicated to fostering a positive and encouraging environment, contributing to the overall harmony of the workplace.